Part number discrepancy on RNS 510

Ok, so just a follow-up to my post about upgrading the firmware and maps on my RNS 510 (see post here), one of the question marks I had was about this screen after I upgraded my firmware, note the last character of the part number is “L” which I thought was quite late for my 2008 VW Passat R36, here’s the screen shot from that post:

Well it turns out my suspicions were correct, the firmware does report the wrong part number, I pulled my RNS out in prep for a HDD to SDD swap, and found it’s actually an “A” model:


Note however that the HW-Version matches “H04” both on the screen and what is printed on the sticker. This all doesn’t really mean much to me but it could have an impact when trying to figure out what firmware version you can run. Luckily I did the upgrade as per my other post and it all went fine.

Stay tuned for my next post about swapping the HDD for an SSD!

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2 Responses to Part number discrepancy on RNS 510

  1. D says:

    Hi Paul, thanks to your previous post I took the plunge and I assume upgraded rather than downgraded my FW. At first I tried to go directly to 6276 but it failed so used your files with success and then wondered if have you upgraded further than 5238? Going to try flash 6276 again tomorrow but if it fails again I wonder if I’ll have to flash each subsequent update from 5238 to get to the latest.


  2. zibi says:

    Hello Paul,

    i have RNS510 for Tiguan 05.2008:

        Navigation (J0506) Labeldatei: DRV \ 1T0-035-680.clb
        Teilenummer SW: 1T0 035 680 A HW: 1T0 035 680 A
        Bauteil: RNS-MID H04 1020
        Revision: AB001001 Seriennummer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
        Codierung: 000004000400000200 *)

    I have a question about co-operation with a reversing camera and a multi-wheel.
    Have you had such equipment and were there problems?
    And which you have coding? *)

    In addition, i will ask: what Gateway is with you?

    My is:
        SW: 1K0 907 530 L HW: 1K0 907 951
        J533 Gateway H07 0052 Revision: H07 01

    Thank you for the post


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