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Hi, I’m a bit of a nerd and have spent years working with DNS, DHCP & IPAM (DDI) solutions, such as VitalQIP, Infoblox & BlueCat. I’ve spent a lot of that time fiddling with DNS and DHCP servers, also NTP and other open source products.

I ran my own company for 4 years that specialised in this stuff before selling it to a US-based company called PC Network Inc. (PCN). They do similar stuff and I help out with their customers in the UK. My old company’s web site is still up and running here: Calleva Networks.

I’m interested in general Internet technologies, but my heart really lies with DNS, which is the “Yellow Pages” of the Internet – without DNS you will not be able to find any web pages or send email, and it is true to say that DNS is the cornerstone of the Internet.

In one of my previous roles, we had  many customers running DNS internally on their corporate networks, and we used to see a lot of interesting DNS deployments within large corporates, such as some of the big global banks, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and telecoms providers.

DNSSEC and IPv6 are two technologies that are becoming increasingly important, and I feel will fuel the need for industrial grade IPAM solutions as it will get almost impossible to manage all this stuff with spreadsheets.

I live in a small village in north Hampshire with my wife, daughter and son. I enjoy cycling around the beautiful rural countryside that surrounds us (in the summer anyway!). I also enjoy photography and sampling real ales. My favourite real ale is Tanglefoot, which is quite fortunate as there are several pubs in the area that serve it. Unfortunately, my local pub, the Calleva Arms in Silchester, is not one of them, but they do sell London Pride and Gales HSB, which are also nice tipples!

You may have spotted the connection now with Calleva Networks – it’s purely coincidental of course! 😉

13 Responses to About me

  1. Dave Speller says:

    Hi Paul
    I’m not technical by any means but after my Aspire Idea 510 packed up recently I found the AV Forums thread about this and decided to get a new PSU and used your excellent photo guide to replacing it. I amazed myself by not only doing it but plugging it in and finding it was all working again. Very many thanks to you for the guidance. The only residual problem I seem to have is that the time display on the front panel has not updated from its default start time – it’s just ticking its way though Jan 2006 atm! There’s a couple of passing references to this kind of problem on the AV Forum thread but do you have any experience of what I need to do to correct this. (The handbook says it should be correct within a few minutes of switching on as it gets info from internet. The internet connections are working fine in the PC mode of the Acer). If I leave it as it is, will it affect the TV recording times or is this done differently in Media Centre?

    Thanks again,
    Dave Speller

    • Glad the guide was useful and that the link still works after migrating to WordPress from Windows Live Spaces. I don’t know much about that display but I know you have to have the “VFDTranscoder” process running in order for it to display the date/time else it will just say “Welcome to Acer Aspire Idea” or something. Unfortunately I don’t know how it works or where it gets it’s time source from, mine just seems to synchronise automatically. I do not believe it affects when recordings are made (assuming your PC clock is accurate). I guess the way to find out is to schedule a recording and see what happens! 🙂



  2. Dave Speller says:

    Thanks Paul – I’ll check that out and hope for the best!
    Dave S

  3. Jesper Nyström says:

    Hi Paul,
    I have an Acer Aspire Idea 510 that died last night. I wonder if it could be the PSU and then how l could determine if it is broken. Do you have a good way of telling if it is the

    • I had a memory module go on mine once and it wouldn’t power up, so I thought it was the PSU, but changing the PSU didn’t fix it. It was only when I removed one of the memory modules that it booted. I also had a problem where the fluorescent display was on but it still wouldn’t boot, that was a PSU problem that time. So I don’t have a good way of telling, sorry.

  4. Tim Pullen says:

    Hey Bud, My view from my window looks more like your picture at the top of you page, than the view from your window . 🙂

    I’m in South Africa

    • Sorry for the late reply (only 1 year lol) – yes that pic was taken in Kenya when we were on honeymoon, it was in the Masai Mara I think. And no, I don’t have a view like that normally! 🙂

  5. eddie baines says:

    Very detailed advice on how to remove the hard drive on the RNS 510.
    However I have a slightly different question that may be easier to resolve.
    I have put a recording onto my hard drive (RNS 510) and have subsequently lost the sd card I used. This is a one off recording and the only copy now resides on the hard drive on the RNS 510.
    Is there a way of copying either that track or the complete hard drive to another hard drive or SD hard, so that when I sell the car I still have a copy?

    • Why don’t you plug the HDD into another computer and copy the file off? You will need to disassemble your RNS to get the HDD out though.

      • James says:

        Hi paul , my rns510 hdd has failed ( dosnt power up ) ive bought a new one as i can access the hdd i cant clone it , but i do have the firmware on my computer can i just put this on the new drive and then put the new drive in the unit , or do i have to install in the unit directly wuth the dvd once the new hdd is in?

  6. eddie baines says:

    Agreed, I was trying to avoid going to all that trouble and was asking if there was an easier way 🙂

  7. Morten Oilsi says:

    Hi! Great guide you made here! Have downloaded the firmware parts, but i need a password to merge them?

  8. Olcay says:

    We have the map 8R0060884 AT TR 5.63.3
    We only want to this Sase no WAUZZZ8K0FA084098
    Sase number car that has activation code for 2015 model A4 AUDI

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