Blocking PPI claims management company phone numbers

Like many people in the UK, I regularly get called on one of my mobile phones from a PPI or accident claims management company. This is incredibly annoying but the latest round of calls are using identifiable caller-id numbers – I suspect this is because many people will simply not answer unknown or withheld numbers.

The phone that predominantly gets called is running Android Kitkat and shows the rough geographical area where the call originated, and it’s generally some obscure location within the UK that has no meaning to me, so I normally do not answer and just let the calls ring through to my voicemail.

But I recently discovered the blacklist feature that is buried deep in Android. On another phone (Samsung) it is called a reject list, and also seems to have a different way of reaching it, but every time I get called I have been adding the number to the blacklist and have built up a nice little list now that is starting to yield dividends, as I am starting to get Android notifications that the blacklist is blocking calls from some of these numbers. Result!

So if you want to pre-emptively create a blacklist to block these calls, rather than waiting to be called, simply add the following list of numbers to your blacklist. This is by no means exhaustive, but it works for me and I will add more to this list as I collect them – please, if you discover a PPI number that is not on this list, feel free leave a comment and I will add it. Thanks.

Number Date added
01143032988 01/04/2016
01293344620 01/04/2016
01347722059 01/04/2016
01362788090 01/04/2016
01442509072 01/04/2016
01483608845 01/04/2016
01579212168 01/04/2016
01670432126 01/04/2016
01722580297 01/04/2016
08454290081 01/04/2016

Thinking about this a bit more there must be a cleverer way to do this, and it looks like this app (Should I Answer?) may well do the trick, so I’ll load this on and see if it helps. Stay tuned for the results! Smile

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