Have you noticed how slow or laggy Google Chrome is now?

A recent update to Google Chrome (one of these versions seems to be the culprit… 35/36/37) seems to have caused some unintended side-effects. I noticed that it is now really slow when typing text into a web form, and selecting text is also quite tricky as the text selection “block” doesn’t seem to fill in your selection right up to the cursor, but only completes when you click CTRL/C. Basically it is a right royal pain to use and had me briefly switching back to Firefox (I forgot how bad it was, couldn’t even do print to PDF without having to install some dodgy plug-in).

Anyway, I did actually manage to downgrade Chrome to v34 and all was fine for a while until I had to reboot my laptop, whence Chrome automatically updated itself to the latest version and the problem came back.

Now I think I have managed to find the solution, disable “hardware acceleration”. There are those nerdy settings under chrome://flags/, but you can do it easier than that.

Go to “Settings” on the Chrome menu…


Scroll to the bottom and select “Show advanced settings”:


Scroll to the bottom and deselect “Use hardware acceleration…”


I also disabled “Continue running background apps…”

Click on “restart” and it seemed to fix my problem. Let me know in the comments if it worked for you.

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