I made it onto the front page of CircleID today!

With all the fuss over the recent DDoS attack against Spamhaus, I wrote a blog article for our web site. I was interested because it used a DNS Reflective Amplification attack, which is something I have been warning about for years (and wrote about 4 years ago on “The Register”).

Digging a bit deeper, I discovered that IP addresses on my local ISP subnet were acting as open DNS resolvers, leading me to conclude that this is a pretty common state of affairs. As open DNS resolvers are a key component of this type of attack, I thought I would submit an article to CircleID – a community of like-minded nerds – highlighting how easily I found an open resolver on an IP address “near” me and challenging others to do the same.

It’s my first posting for CircleID but it has been up there all day on the front page, so I wanted to do a screen grab for posterity so I can come back here in the future to show my kids that I was famous, in a nerdy kind of way!

Click on the image below to go to the article in question…


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