Ant’s progress

I post occasional stuff here about my kids just so I don’t forget!

Little Ant is now 19 months old and has turned into a lovely little boy. It’s fair to say that while he was teething he was an absolute nightmare with bouts of tears, screaming and general grumpiness. Cleaning his teeth was a nightmare, I swear I lost some hearing, he would scream the house down.

But now all his teeth are through he is all smiles and giggles, loves being tickled and is constantly on the go. He does a little dance when something musical comes on the TV, plays with his sister and has started to talk. He is mesmerised by “In The Night Garden” and will do a little jig to the “Merry Go Round” music.

He can already say “teddy”, “mummy”, “daddy”, “nanna”, “grandma/grandad” and will give you a kiss and a cuddle if you ask him. There seem to be quite a few objects he recognises from his toddler books, he will say “ball” when he sees a picture of one, likewise he will recognise teddy-bears, and even say “miaow” when he sees a cat. He has a couple of dinosaur T-Shirts and a Peppa Pig “Mr. Dinosaur” stuffed toy and will go “raaaaaah” when he sees either the shirt or toy.

If you babble at him “blablablablab” he will do it back to you. And if you try to do a butterfly kiss on his cheek (flutter your eyelashes against his cheek if you don’t know what that is) he will giggle hysterically!

He will say “Oh dear” and “Uh-oh” if something’s up, and I’ve heard him say “more” when he wants more to eat or drink. He will quite happily use a fork to eat his dinner but will often give up and use his fingers when he’s really hungry!

He will take his shoes off if you ask him and will shut the door behind him. Today he has started walking around on tip-toe for some reason, maybe he fancies being a ballet dancer!

He also does this thing where if you blink at him he will blink back while opening his mouth, it’s hilarious!

This week we have also managed to get him off his baby bottles and he will now hold a sippy cup and drink from it himself. While using baby bottles he NEVER held the bottle himself, a complete contrast to Taylor who was determined to do things herself. Maybe this will reflect in their personalities, maybe Ant will be the lazy but bright one whereas Taylor will be the independent one that everyone knows.

So I just wanted to record this here so that I don’t forget what a delight he is at the moment. A complete contrast to a few months ago!

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