Blackberry Bold 9900 and (lack of) RSAP support – here we go again!


Some time ago I wrote about my mobile phone dilemma as I needed a handset that supported RSAP (Remote SIM Access Profile) so that it would work flawlessly with my VW Passat bluetooth kit. I found that the Samsung Galaxy S2 supported RSAP, but not if you upgraded to Android 4 (ICS). You can find the original post here and you will see it has attracted quite a few comments.

In the ended I plumped for a Nokia N8, which has RSAP and has worked pretty well apart from a few frustrating issues (some of which you will also find on this blog). Now that I have just started a new business it was time to sort out a new business mobile phone contract, and as I wanted a proper keyboard with RSAP I went for a Blackberry Bold 9900.

Now I had previously tested a Blackberry Torch with my car and it worked fine, so you can imagine my dismay when I tried to connect my 9900 only to find the damn thing will not connect. After ages where the car says “Connecting” it eventually gives up saying “Connection not possible”. Then I did a google search and found loads of people with Audis/VWs having the same problem connecting to their Blackberry Bold 9900s.

I upgraded to the latest Blackberry OS 7.1, as another feature I wanted (“UMA”) required an upgrade, despite it working on other Blackberrys – why does the 9900 have these problems when other Blackberrys work fine. So now I am hoping that a new OS will come out which fixes the RSAP problem else I will probably have to keep the Nokia and divert the Blackberry to it every time I get into the car.

It’s just so disappointing to be confronted by technology issues all the time, why can’t this stuff be done properly rather than drip feeding OS updates to fix issues that should have been sorted before the product was released?

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3 Responses to Blackberry Bold 9900 and (lack of) RSAP support – here we go again!

  1. hans de wilde says:

    same for me, no rsap connection possible 😦

  2. This is an update to my post, I have now found a solution to this. It seems that enabling UMA is what causes RSAP problems. If you go to the Mobile Network screen and have “Preferred Network For Calls” set to anything other than “Mobile Network Only” then the phone will be attempting to use Wi-Fi to make calls in certain situations. I found that this is the root cause of the problem, changing the setting to “Mobile Network Only” and then pairing the phone with my VW actually succeeded. Try it and see if it works for you. I found a post on the net that suggested this and they hypothesized that the problem is that when RSAP kicks in it disables the phones GSM radio, causing it to attempt to use Wi-Fi (UMA) instead of connecting to the phone kit in the car. With UMA disabled, it can’t use Wi-Fi so the RSAP connection succeeds.

    So I’m happy now. It would be nice if I didn’t have to disable UMA, but I have a strong enough signal in the house that I don’t need UMA, so will just enable it when I need it.

  3. Shaun says:

    Hi, I had a similar expiereince. Brand new BB9900, works with os7, not with os7.1; downgraded and works again. I am not sure I can see how to disable UMA, or is that only a feature of 7.1? dont want to go throuth the whole upgrade/ downgrade path unnecessarily

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