Time to junk Avast?

I’ve noticed quite a bit of ad-ware and bloat-ware creeping into Avast lately. Apart from every update trying to get you to “upgrade” to the non-free version, I’ve noticed now it is trying to install Google Chrome and set Google as my home page, which it will do unless you untick a couple of small tick boxes.

I’ve been using and recommending Avast for years, but when they start doing things like that it really hacks me off, especially when I visit relatives houses and find their PC’s festooned with crapware, such as unnecessary tool bars and crap like “BearShare” that doesn’t even uninstall properly, because they downloaded some piece of software that loaded on a ton of crud. I think the Adobe Reader installation tries to trick you into this too.

Now I have noticed ads popping up from the task bar, “No, I do not want to enter a draw for an Apple MacBook… f### off!”

I think it might be time to abandon Avast and go for something like Microsoft Security Essentials.


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