Nokia N8 lockup, email issues and SureSignal #fail

What a frustrating day. I had a major lockup of my Nokia N8 running Belle today, the screen had got into landscape mode and would not rotate to portrait. Also I could not unlock it, even though it was prompting me for my PIN, the touchscreen keyboard was not registering my PIN entry. Pressing the power button did nothing, the phone was like it was bricked!

In the end I held the power button for something like 20 seconds, eventually the phone vibrated 3 times in quick succession and shut down.

Another issue I have had recently is email. I have 4 email accounts set up, work, home, hotmail and gmail and none of them seem to be syncing at the moment. Regardless of whether I have delivery set to “soonest” or every 15 mins, none of the accounts are picking up new mail. This makes me wish for a Blackberry!

Finally I get home and have to call the US for a conference call, my internet connection drops and my crappy Vodafone SureSignal box does not want to play ball, so I have no phone signal. Oh I’ve just checked, it’s finally sorted itself out, it only took 15 minutes!


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