Nokia N8 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi glitch – reboot required

I thought I would start recording every time my Nokia N8 screws something up and what I had to do to get it working. I have upgraded to Symbian Belle, and while I quite like it, I still get occasional glitches. I have no idea if this is normal for a smartphone these days, but I thought if I started recording when they happened, then I could review these posts in the future, maybe when I have a different phone to compare just how good/bad the N8 is/was!

So here’s todays issue!

While shutting down my work laptop, I noticed an error message from Ovi Suite saying the contacts could not be synced. I was in a hurry to shut down so ignored it. On the way home I noticed my VW car kit was trying to connect with my phone but failed, as Ovi Suite and the car kit both use Bluetooth, it sounded like Bluetooth connectivity had gone up the creek.

When I got home I noticed my phone could not connect to my home laptop via Bluetooth nor could it connect to my Wi-Fi access point. Turning Bluetooth on and off didn’t make any difference. Sometimes setting the profile to offline and then back to general resolves these types of issues but not this time, so I had to do a reboot to get it to work. Now Bluetooth is working and it’s connected to my home Wi-Fi. Something else I have noticed is it does not connect automatically to the Wi-Fi even though it has a “known” access point.

I do seem to suffer these types of connectivity problems quite frequently, and normally end up rebooting the phone. I’ll try and log the problems here if I am near a PC so I can gauge how frequently I have to do this.

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One Response to Nokia N8 Bluetooth/Wi-Fi glitch – reboot required

  1. Jeff says:

    This just happened to me today. It will recognize my known connection, but never connect to my wi-fi network. I’ve tried power cycling and restoring to factory settings, but no luck. I may have to reinstall firmware and give that a go.

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