Hyper-V Manager reports “access denied”

After getting the Hyper-V manager installed on my Windows 7 desktop, the next problem I had was connecting to the Hyper-V server running on a Windows Server 8 box in my lab. To be honest, it wasn’t a surprise, upon connecting I got various “access denied” type messages, and I put this down to the fact that my Windows 7 desktop is part of the corporate domain whereas my Windows Server 8 box is running in a workgroup. So obviously the Windows 8 server is probably expecting to authenticate me with a domain it has no knowledge of.

Anyway, after a bit of digging around I got it working as follows. This is in no particular order but you may have to do ALL the steps to get it to work.

  1. Disable the firewall on the Windows 8 server – I don’t need this as it’s in a lab network anyway. Feel free to leave this enabled and troubleshoot it yourself, but I have other work to do! Smile
  2. Add a local user account on the Windows 8 server that matches your domain logon and password. My domain username is “paulr” so I added that as a local user account on the Windows 8 server and set the password to be the same as my domain password.
  3. On the Windows 8 server, make your local user account a member of the “Hyper-V Administrators” group. It seems that without this you can’t manage any VMs.
  4. There’s some stuff about enabling inbound anonymous DCOM connections on the client here, but basically I did this:
    1. On the Start menu on the Windows 7 desktop, type “dcomcnfg”
    2. Expand “Component Services->Computers->My Computer” then right-click properties:


      Select the “COM Security” tab and click “Edit Limits…” under “Access Permissions”:


      Under “Group or user names” select “ANONYMOUS LOGON” and check the Remote Access “Allow” tick box:


NOTE: I do not know what security ramifications this has, whether it makes your system more vulnerable, but as I am only doing this in a corporate network behind a firewall, then hopefully it will not be anywhere near as bad as doing this on the open Internet!

Now my Hyper-V Manager connects straight away. This is my Hyper-V Manager console:


And here’s a console:


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3 Responses to Hyper-V Manager reports “access denied”

  1. I have just found that the DCOM permissions issue does not appear to be persistent across reboots, I have just had to enable anonymous remote access again. There may be a way to script this in your startup or logon scripts, although I have not looked into this yet.

  2. Now today I have connected with no problem and dcomcnfg still shows anonymous remote access is enabled. So it is persistent across reboot/logins or not? Who knows! 🙂

  3. tomarbuthnot says:

    Many thanks for this, it solved my problem of connecting between windows 8 workgroup machines with hyper-v

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