Vodafone Sure Signal = no signal!

After having my Vodafone Sure Signal box working (mostly) for a year, all of a sudden my phone (Nokia N8) stopped connecting and it was only showing 1 bar or no bars at all. This all seemed a bit odd as I hadn’t changed anything.

After digging around on the Vodafone forums it was starting to look like a lot of other people were also having problems and there pages and pages of posts (I think one topic I looked at had 36 pages!). I had borrowed another box from work but the Vodafone web site just gave me an error when I tried to register it, so after an hour of surfing I was starting to get a little riled when I read a post about getting the phone to re-register with the network by removing the SIM and battery.

You can’t remove the battery on the N8 but it got me thinking about using the network settings in the phone to maybe do a manual operator search and try and get the phone to reconnect, until I stumbled across the “network mode” menu. Go into Settings->Connectivity->Network to find it. For some reason on my phone it was set to “GSM”, meaning it wasn’t doing any 3G. I thought this was a bit odd as I’m sure I’ve seen the phone connect via 3.5G when out and about. Anyway, I know that the Sure Signal does not provide a GSM signal, it only does 3G, so I changed the network mode to “Dual mode” and voila, the phone connected and reported a full signal.

I have no idea how that setting got changed, it’s not something I would have done, so either it got set accidentally when bouncing around in my pocket, or a firmware update changed it.

All I can think is “Thank God I don’t have to call Vodafone support or read any more forums!” 🙂

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One Response to Vodafone Sure Signal = no signal!

  1. Jeremy says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!, my xperia play randomly stopped working on Sure Signal been restarting it for weeks and tinkering with , did what you did and BOOM Full signal, i can’t thank you enough!

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