Jaguar XF impresses (shame about comfort)

I had to drive up to Leeds and back yesterday, which was about 440 miles in total. I took the company pool car in the end, which is a somewhat extravagant Jaguar XF (3.0l diesel) but still returns better fuel consumption than my VW Passat R36.

During the trip I made several observations:

  • The seats are not as comfortable as the ones in my car and I was starting to suffer some butt/bum ache
  • I didn’t feel like I could get enough support under my thighs behind my knees as I like to have the base of the seat angled up to give me this support, else I feel like I am sitting on my coccyx
  • The navigation/media system was quite frustrating to use, if you are in navigation mode and want to change to a different CD, you have to press the “Home” button, select “Audio” then change the CD. During this time you have lost the map from the satnav, so can be a bit tricky navigating a city when you have a passenger who insists on playing! To get back to the map screen you have to press “Home” and “Navigation”. On my VW system there are dedicated “Audio” and “Navigation” buttons so you can flip between them without having to press the “Home” button first
  • I have to say I was impressed with the performance. There is a slight turbo lag as would be expected but you can anticipate for this. The thing I really liked though was the automatic gearbox, it just feels like it is in the correct gear, so going around a roundabout, if you need a bit more power you get it pretty much instantly. With my VW DSG box, it is always trying to drive in 6th gear, so you never have the power when you need it unless you manually change gears on the flappy paddles – you don’t need to do this on the Jag although the option is there.
  • When in “Drive” mode though, the in-dash display does not tell you what gear you are in – this is a little annoying when you have come from a car that does tell you (even with an auto box).
  • The trip computer recorded an average MPG of 35mpg which is respectable considering the size of engine and power of the car, and with careful driving at slower speeds than I was doing would probably go even higher. My VW only manages around 28 MPG on a long journey like this.
  • A final note regarding comfort, I found my left foot started to ache as it felt like it was forced to “bend inwards”. There is a foot rest but my left foot naturally turns out when resting on the floor, but there is literally no room for it to do this and I found it quite uncomfortable after a while.

I would be tempted to buy a Jag XF, but unfortunately I just don’t find it as comfortable as my R36. Going back a few cars, the most comfortable car I ever owned was my old Mitsubishi GTO Twin Turbo. I could do miles in that and not get at all crotchety! 🙂

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