Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 installation problems

This morning marked my first foray into the world of RHEL6. Having previously installed RHEL5 a number of times, I thought installing RHEL6 would be a doddle.


I have some new software from one of our vendors that supports RHEL5 or 6, so thought I would give 6 a go. So I downloaded the 3.5GB DVD ISO from Red Hat Network, connected it to a new guest I have configured on our VMware ESX server and booted the VM.

First thing I noted was that it did a text based install rather than invoking the graphical installer. And it did not ask me very many questions before saying “Finished!”.

After a reboot, I was presented with a login prompt, no GUI, GNOME, KDE or anything. Hmmm. Okay well I don’t REALLY need a graphical environment, but after logging in it hasn’t configured my networking, set the host name, resolv.conf, or anything really. So I set all that manually thinking I will use yum to get the packages I need. Except yum doesn’t have any repositories configured. Then I remembered I probably had to register it with Red Hat Network to get that working.

After a bit of head scratching, I found a tool called “subscription-manager”, and sure enough there’s a “register” option. But when I run it, I get a weird “Failed to connect to socket” error and the system does not appear in my RHN “systems” page:


Now a bit more rummaging around revealed this bug logged on Red Hat’s bugzilla database:

Bug 743189 – org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.FileNotFound : while registering rhel61 node using subscription-manager

This was only reported a month ago yet seems quite fundamental, so surprised this wasn’t picked up earlier and there’s no sign of a fix. The notes state that the node is registered successfully, but mine isn’t, so I can’t really make any progress with my RHEL6 installation.

I don’t have the time to fiddle about with this any more, so I’m going to go back to RHEL5 – at least I know that works!

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