Taylor’s words and phrases

Taylor’s nearly 2 and a half and babbles away for England. She uses “my” alot instead of “I” – as in “My did it!”

“Where’s Elly/Bunny?” (She used to call Bunny “Buddy”)

“Shaun me sheep”

“Frint/Frink” (Drink)

“Fwash/Wash” (Squash)

“Lib” (Lid)

“Cup of tea?” (With raised eyebrows)

“Tinkle tinkle little star”

“Baa baa lack shy” (Baa baa black sheep)

“Hiiiiiigher, hiiiiiiiiiiiigher…” (Taio Cruz song)

“I’m wakey up!”

“Bubba” (Brother)

“Annonnee” (Anthony)

“Joldie” (Auntie Geraldine)

“Bumpa my head”/”My leg sore”

“Oym foine” (I’m fine)

“Timmy Toyme” (Timmy Time)

“Where’s Mummy gone?”/”I want my Mummy”

“Not yep” (yet)

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