Must try harder!

I’ve been trying to get quotes for my car insurance this morning. My renewal seems to have gone up quite a bit so I’ve got a few quotes but found my existing provider is quite competitive.

I noticed my current insurance is underwritten by Aviva, so I have been trying to get a quote from them directly (via Quidco cashback), but their site seems to be so slow that Firefox just gives me an empty page and Internet Explorer says “No internet connection – Diagnose this connection?”.

I’ve been trying for about 30 mins now and given up, they aren’t getting my business! I’ve done a ping and a traceroute and everything is okay at the IP level, so I suspect their web site is either overloaded or they are seeing some abnormal traffic levels. Either way they need to do better! Maybe they should take a look at something like Webscreen, which protects web sites from malicious activity.

Either way, in this day and age of e-commerce, outages like these are unnacceptable, especially with so many solutions available to prevent these kinds of problems occuring.

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One Response to Must try harder!

  1. Brian says:

    I went with Aviva for house insurance as they were way cheaper than any others but the Quidco £50 cashback hasn’t arrived and I registered a dispute, Aviva issued no documents and I had to phone them after having some difficulty finding a free number for them. Documents wrere available on line as I had ticked the no contact by post box apparently. However I had quite some difficulty registering user and password info so I could access the documentation. Had to phone again to get them to ‘unlock’ me. So I’m not sure about Aviva & Quidco

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