Silver getting close to breaching $40/oz

Silver is continuing it’s relentless upward trend. I was lucky enough to receive some advice last year and invested a few K’s at sub $20/oz prices. Now I am kicking myself that I didn’t invest more! Just look at this graph…


I think it will be a long time before silver drops back to that level again. I believe people are buying gold and silver to hedge against the decline in the value of the US$.

So with increasing industrial demand (silver has many more industrial uses than gold) and demand from consumers (the US mint has been breaking records for the number of silver dollars they have been selling), it seems that silver still has a long way to go yet.

I received another tip recently, a silver mining company called “Arian Silver” – they are listed on AIM in the UK and you can hold them in an ISA. I am hearing that this company is literally sitting on a fortune in un-mined silver and the share price should explode. They have already shot up from the days when they were a penny share, but apparently there’s plenty more growth left in them yet. Will be interesting to look back at this post in the future and see how they have done, today they are trading at 41p. Do your own research but I used up the last of my ISA allowance yesterday and hoovered a load up at 39p a share, lovely-jubbly!

This time next year Rodney… Winking smile

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