Reflections on the birth of my son

So, today started like any other, until I got a call from Lenny around 9.45 saying she was experiencing some quite severe contractions and needed me at home. On top of this, she’d had a call from the nursery to say that Taylor appeared to have an ear infection and conjunctivitis and could we take her to the doctor.

So I managed to be excused from work for the day and went home to check on Lenny and help her count her contractions. They were coming on average every 4 minutes or so but weren’t completely regular. Her waters hadn’t broken yet and she’d only had a small amount of “show” so we weren’t sure how far gone she was. She’d tried calling the midwife but couldn’t get through.

I then had to wrench myself away from my wife who was clearly in distress and go and get Taylor. Sure enough, she had a load of gunk coming out of her left ear and her right eye was weeping. Got to the doctors for an 11.15am appointment, but still had to wait 30 mins despite being told there were no delays at check-in. Grrrr. Doc prescribed antibiotics for the ear infection and eye drops for the conjunctivitis, so then we had to hang around while the dispensary did their thing. During this time Taylor was an absolute angel, really well behaved, happy and jolly. But inside my guts were in turmoil as I had now been gone an hour and was wondering what state my wife was in. No phone signal in the surgery so couldn’t get any texts in or out, but then the dispensary handed us our meds and as soon as I got outside my phone beeped.

“Phoned midwife + got put thru to day clinic, I need 2 call back/go in when I hv more backache” – great, so her contractions are only 4 mins apart but they don’t want her in yet as she isn’t in enough pain!

So then I had to drop Taylor back at nursery and sign in all her meds, she screamed as she didn’t want me to leave so that took a few mins to sort out. On the way back I managed to stop off at a florists and get some flowers, it being St. Valentine’s Day after all.

I finally got back around 12:30, nearly two hours after I’d left her, Lenny now on all fours and really struggling. I called the midwife again who tried to put us through to the day clinic but there was no answer. In the end I said, “Look her contractions are coming every 2 minutes” and with that they put us straight through to the delivery ward where we finally got to speak to a midwife – thank f***! She spoke to Lenny and told us to come in.

We got to the hospital around 1pm, and now it just turned into a farce. We went straight up to delivery ward reception and they told us to go to the day clinic waiting room, which is all the way back down the corridor we had just walked along. Half way along, Lenny had to stop and lean against the wall as another contraction came, and luckily another midwife noticed and said “Oooh I can see things are happening here, let me get you up to the delivery ward”. When we said we had just come from there people started shouting back and forth along this corridor about where we were supposed to go. In the end, another lady got a chair for Lenny and she literally sat down in the corridor and had another contraction while they argued about whether she should go to day assessment or the delivery ward. It was ridiculous. In the end someone said, “Look, if you go to the day assessment they will just send you up to the delivery ward anyway, so let’s get you up there now!”

It wouldn’t be so bad if this was the first time, but exactly the same thing happened when Taylor was born. You would have thought that with all the pregnancies they deal with they should have got their act together by now.

Anyway, it turns out Lenny was already 7cm dilated and the contractions were starting to get really painful now. The birthing pool was occupied so we couldn’t use that this time and the pain was much worse than with Taylor. Lenny started asking about epidurals and pethadine, but our midwife was saying it was going to take too long to organise the epidural now and pethadine takes 20 mins to take effect, and she reckoned this baby was going to come out before then.

Finally Lenny’s waters broke with a huge gush, and then with a few more contractions that really made her yelp, our son popped out! He literally flew out with one push. I swear he would have shot across the room if the midwife hadn’t been there to catch him! He arrived at 2.11pm, a little over an hour after we had got to the hospital, and I was in total shock – I honestly thought we had another hour or so to go but Lenny just wanted him out!

He’s the spitting image of Taylor when she was born, all ugly and scowling all the time. But we know he will turn out to be a handsome devil just like his Dad – lol!

The last bit of frustration was waiting to leave. After chilling out, letting AJ feed and sleep for a bit, Lenny had a shower, I got him dressed, and then we were ready to leave at around 5.45, but they wouldn’t let us go until all the paperwork was done. My God, they were so slow, they finally let us out at 7.20pm. I had to go and stand there at the desk and urge them along as we were just getting so bored and just wanted to go home. There didn’t seem to be any urgency with the paperwork at all, it was only a few forms to fill in, I couldn’t understand why it took over 1.5 hours to complete them.

Anyway we finally made it back home and I ordered a nice romantic take away curry for Valentine’s Evening. Who said romance was dead? 🙂

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2 Responses to Reflections on the birth of my son

  1. Vincent Ravening says:

    Hi Paul and Lenny

    Sorry you had so many probs, but sure it all worth it in the end, Many Conrgratulations on the birth of your son, what is his name?

    • Hi Vince, we are calling him “Anthony John” – Anthony was Lenny’s uncle’s name (who is no longer with us) and John is my grandpa’s name (who is also no longer with us!). So we will probably call him “AJ” or “Ant”. I don’t really like “Tony” as a short name, but it’s up to him what people want to call him when he’s older.

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