Reflections on the Xmas break

Just a few notes to myself here really. I’ve had the best part of two weeks off work now for the Christmas break, back to work tomorrow.

It’s been a pretty quiet two weeks, we haven’t really done much but it’s been nice (on the whole) to spend lots of time with Taylor. As I’m at work all day and she is at nursery, I only normally see her first thing in the morning and for an hour or so in the evening before she goes to bed.

There have been times when she has been an absolute nightmare, very clingy and whiney, but there have been some lovely moments, like just now. I had her in my arms and she was looking at me and gave me a kiss – that was completely unexpected. I didn’t even know she knew how to kiss but she must have picked it up from all the kisses we give her. Then we started playing the nose, mouth and eyes game, just a simple thing but when I point to my mouth she says “mouth”, when I point to my eyes she says “eyes”, same for nose, then we get on to ears and she points at one of my ears then leans over and struggles to point at the other, then lots of giggles.

She’s 19 months and can identify and say both Mummy and Daddy now, but the funny thing is that her first word was “more”! I think it was something the nursery taught her as she’s been saying it for a couple of months now and when she’s had a drink, or chocolate it’s invariably followed by “more”! 🙂

So on the whole, despite some fraught moments, it’s been really nice to spend so much time with her, but I think she does need nursery to give her the variety and exposure to different environments and people that she really enjoys.

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