MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

Having used Windows all my life I am starting to get sick and tired of all the faffing around that one has to do to keep a Windows system running smoothly.

My home laptop runs Windows 7 and has developed the annoying habit of giving me a blank screen when coming out of hibernation. I have to put it into standby then bring it out of standby in order to get the screen to show the login page. This only started happening after applying a bunch of Windows updates and also a graphic card driver update, but I don’t know which one caused the problem and really don’t have the apetite to de-install updates and drivers one by one trying to find the culprit.

Secondly, I changed my wireless access point from Netgear to Edimax after the Netgear went pop. So before the change, I could get 150mpbs connection fine due to draft-N support in the Netgear, but now on the Edimax the wireless connection has dropped back to 54mpbs. I think it may be because Edimax supports the newer v2.0 draft, but I am not sure. So anyway, I thought I would try some new wireless drivers on the laptop thinking maybe they needed to be updated, but after hunting around and finding various different versions for the Atheros chipset in my laptop, I have tried them all and still don’t have 150mbps working.

Now I am starting to get pretty fed up with all this. I’m getting to the stage in my life where I have more important things to do than spend all my time messing about with OS and driver updates so I am starting to think about life with a Mac, because at least then I know it will just work!

So I walked into my local Apple store yesterday but found quite a bewildering array of different specifications to choose from. I quite like the idea of the 13″ MacBook Air and when compared with a 13″ MacBook Pro it seemed a lot quicker. This appears to be down to the SSD or flash drive (are they the same thing?). But the MacBook Pro had twice the memory, triple the HDD size and double the CPU speed (and newer Intel CPU model) for a similar price. So it seems that the Pro has a much better spec, but the only thing letting it down is the traditional mechanical hard drive.

Then when I look on MacRumours, it says don’t buy a MacBook Pro because it is due to be updated soon. Maybe they will add the SSD option – that would really fly then!?

The shop also had some “managers specials” on promotion, and it got really confusing because they reckoned they had a MacBook Air on special offer with a mechanical hard drive, and other ones with a flash drive instead of SSD. I didn’t realise you could get a MacBook Air with mechanical drive? Ah, I’ve just looked it up on macrumours, and it seems it must be an older model before they started fitting SSDs. But why do they differentiate with ones that have a flash drive as opposed to a SSD drive – I thought they were the same thing (a quick google appears to reveal lots of arguments about this).

So whereas the PC market is dominated by confusion amongst competing standards, even the Apple product range seems to be quite confusing (to a newcomer like me anyway). It seems you have to be very careful to take note of the specific revision or model year so that you know exactly what you are getting.

I think I will wait and see what Apple do with the next update for the MacBook Pro.

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