Chilling out in Carbis Bay

We have found a great location for a holiday, just around the corner from St. Ives in Carbis Bay. The beach is nice and shallow, the sea is really calm, in fact it looks like the sort of beach you would get in Barbados!

We got here yesterday after a 5.5 hour drive (including fuel and food stops), I must say I was really impressed with the roads. It’s been ages since I last holidayed in Cornwall (as a kid) and I all I could remember were caravan clogged single carriageways, but after the M5 finished the A30 was dual carriageway nearly all the way and the roads were empty. Loads of money has definitely been spent duelling the A30 and also I think we have timed it perfectly, the week before half-term. We’ve had stunning weather so far, we’ve spent all day on the beach today and the bits of me where I missed putting the sun cream on are definitely feeling a bit sore now! The apartment we’ve rented looks straight over the beach and we have stunning views. Honestly, what we have here would have cost nearly 10 times as much in Barbados.

Taylor had her first paddle in the sea today and loved it. She was fascinated by the water and couldn’t wait to get in. We also bought a bucket and spade and I “helped” her make loads of sandcastles. All good fun! 🙂 We popped up to the Carbis Bay Hotel for a quick pint and now we are back while Taylor has a little sleep, poor thing is shattered!

I’ve created a new album so you can see how beautiful this place is….

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One Response to Chilling out in Carbis Bay

  1. Graham says:

    Wow, that looks amazing – when you showed me the website a few months ago I thoght you were going to end up in a typical holiday dive but that looks great. You certainly picked the right weekend to go with this weather – hope it holds out for you.

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