2010 Pension Statement

I got my annual pension statement in the post today. A couple of years ago I moved from a pretty inflexible Barclays pension to one with Scottish Equitable that gives me a lot more choice. As I’ve never had a company scheme, I have always had to pay into it myself so I have been squirreling quite a large percentage of my wages away every month. I guess I am just used to it now. I am determined not to be broke when I retire. Turns out last year was pretty good, but it seems you need somewhere between 1/2 million and 1 million in your pot nowadays to get a half-decent pension at retirement.


As you can see, I am quite nerdy about all this, keeping a chart of it’s yearly progress. If you think that’s bad though, you ought to see the one I update monthly with all the different funds, so I can keep track of what’s doing well and what isn’t! It’s either sad or anal, or maybe both! 🙂

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