Nick Griffin on Question Time

I missed Question Time last night so watched it on iPlayer this afternoon. I don’t normally watch it but Nick Griffin is the leader of the BNP so I thought it would be interesting to watch. I must admit I did think he got a bit of a raw deal, a major part of the programme was spent discussing what he had previously said and what he hadn’t, i.e. whether he had denied that the holocaust ever happened or whether he had thought Hitler had gone "a bit too far". Regardless I was getting quite pissed off as the initial question was about whether the BNP should have hijacked images of Winston Churchill for their current campaign, but rather than answering the question, Jack Straw went off on one long diatribe about how the BNP are racist and the BNP are this and that, I just thought "answer the bloody question". Basically he immediately went on the attack as did the rest of the panel and Nick Griffin really didn’t get a chance to explain his parties policies on various topics as he kept getting interrupted.
It’s like no-one wants to listen to what he has to say, they just immediatelly attack him/the BNP. Can’t we have a sensible debate about his/their beliefs without resorting to name calling and blatant bullying?
They do have an image problem but I can’t help thinking that some of the stuff on their web site makes some sense. They seem to be the only party that are willing to discuss issues such as uncontrolled immigration and the impact this is having on the country. The other parties just seem to be burying their heads in the sand – they must surely realise the impact it is going to have? Labour’s immigration points system is I think, too little, too late.
The ONS are forecasting that the UK population will exceed 71 million by 2033 ( Where will all these people live? Where are all the school places going to come from? Who is going to pay for the new schools and teachers needed to support so many more children requiring education? What about the impact on the NHS? None of the mainstream parties seem to have an answer and are just burying their heads in the sand and I was hoping this was going to be one of the issues discussed on last nights programme, but Nick Griffin didn’t get a chance. Unfortuately, although he seems to have garnered quite a bit of sympathy from some of the comments I’ve read on the BBC web site, I don’t think he really managed to get his point across, but you can’t really blame him as the whole programme was totally biased against him.
When the main political parties finally start to address these kinds of issues, surely it will be too late? The horse has already bolted, as it were.
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