Shock announcement!

Yes, after living here for 12 years now, I can announce that we are finally redecorating the living room! This has been a source of great embarrassment for many years (simply because it’s horrid and has taken me so many years to do), but as I’ve had this week off, Lenny decided it would be good to spend my time off attacking the front room. I don’t really mind, I was looking forward to a lazy week of doing nothing, but, well, it really does need doing, so what the hell!

So, here’s some pics of what we’ve been up to over the last few days.

First step was to strip off the old hideous wallpaper, this appears to leave about 3 layers of lining paper that was an absolute pig to get off…

IMG_2507 IMG_2508 IMG_2509 IMG_2510

It soon became obvious why there were so many layers of lining paper, some of the walls were in a terrible state. The wall to the left in this pic had zillions of hairline cracks in the plaster, I was going to get it replastered but in the end I just painted on some liquid filler. When I had finished it looked like crazy paving, but after rubbing it down and putting on a thick base coat I think I’ve managed to get away with it.


Next step was to get the ceiling plastered (I hate that old Artex look). I wanted to give the room a better “classier” look so also put up some coving…

IMG_2511 IMG_2512 IMG_2513  IMG_2515

I’ve found the coving surprisingly easy to put up actually. Previously a friend helped me put up some coving upstairs and we used proper plaster coving, so as it was quite heavy it needed to be pinned up. But on a trip to my local B&Q recently I discovered this lightweight stuff called “SuperCove”. It’s so light that it doesn’t need pinning and looks great. Also I needed a mitre saw, but instead of getting a proper mitre saw, I found this thing called a “CoveEasy” – you insert the coving right way up and following the pictures work out which cut you need, then I got some ready mixed cove adhesive and just slapped the whole lot up, bish, bash, bosh, job done! The “CoveEasy” doesn’t give you perfect mitres like a proper mitre saw will give you, but it’s near enough and any gaps can just be filled.

To go with the overall upgraded look, I decided to get a plaster ceiling rose. I’ve never put up one of these before and the instructions went to great lengths to state that it must be screwed into a joist. Unfortunately I don’t think the existing ceiling rose is screwed into a joist, but it does seem to be screwed into some kind of block, so anyway, I stuck it up there with some more adhesive and also screwed it into whatever the old rose was attached to. Fingers crossed the whole thing doesn’t come crashing down! 🙂

IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2522

Now I need to find a nice lighting attachment that doesn’t weigh too much!

Last thing for today was to put on an initial coat of paint onto the ceiling to seal the plaster. Tomorrow I will paint around all the edges and paint the coving, then probably put a second coat into the ceiling. Need to do some filling as well as the wall around the patio doors is in a right state, but as it will be hidden by the curtains I probably don’t need to make it perfect.

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