Electric Dreams – The 70’s

Just watched a brilliant programme on BBC4 this evening called Electric Dreams (http://www.bbc.co.uk/electricdreams/), it brought back so many memories of my childhood. They have taken a modern day family and stripped them of all their technological gadgets, all they have are the things that were available back in the 1970’s. It was amazing to see what the programme makers had done to their home, even making some of the rooms smaller and using hideous wallpaper everywhere.
Some of the things I remember….
Black and white TV and the excitement when we got our first colour TV. Of course, there was no remote control so it was my brothers job or my job to change channels (of which there were only 3!).
I had a Raleigh Chopper bike just like in the programme and I remember locking the back wheel up and doing big skids on it (I fell off once, cracked my head open and had to have butterfly stitches).
I rememember when we had a phone installed in the hallway and going to the phone box down the road to make the first call to it (the call cost me 2p)!
I remember Pong and the Binatone console they had on the programme, although we didn’t have one.
I remember when we had a coal fire before we had gas central heating installed. In the winter there would be ice on the INSIDE of my bedroom window. And I remember the power cuts due to the strikes, we used to toast bread on the fire and I remember the candlelight. I remember the silver jubilee (we had a street party) and I remember my Mum telling me about Maggie Thatcher and how she would be the first female prime minister if the Tories won the next election (to be honest I didn’t understand what a prime minister was at that age, let along who the "Tories" were!).
I think my parents had a Goblin teasmade, although I don’t remember it ever getting used. I used to be quite impressed by the design of it as it struck me as quite a cool piece of technology back then!
I remember my Mum doing the washing in the kitchen with her twin-tub and when we did finally get an automatic washing maching (a Bendix!) I used to sit in the conservatory where it was located and be quite happy watching everything going round. I guess I was easily entertained! 🙂
The games centred around Kerplunk, Mousetrap, Sticklebrix, Mecanno, lots of toy soldiers and Matchbox/Airfix kits, actually that was probably the 80’s. 
And as for the cars… Ford Cortinas, Escorts and Capris, Morris Minor’s and Marinas, Austin Maxis Allegros and 100’s, Vauxhall Vivas and Chevettes, Minis, Triumph Spitfires, Dolomites and Stags, MGBs and MGBGTs, some of these may be 80’s cars but last time I drove round my old road where I grew up both sides of the road were jammed with cars and I never remember it feeling that congested, I guess every house has 2+ cars now.
Looking forward to next week when they cover the 80’s as that’s when home computing really took off, I and most of my mates had Spectrums and we used to swap games tapes at school and copy them when we got home.
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