IPv4 Address Space exhaustion predictions

I am sat here with an ISP at the moment and they are telling me that IANA are forecasting exhaustion of the IPv4 address space in 2011. I’ve heard this so many times now, but it has always been a false dawn. Looking at the latest IPv4 net assignments there are still quite a few “UNALLOCATED” /8’s so it appears that IANA are trying to force adoption of IPv6. This may be a good thing but why lie about it?


Here’s a big chunk of free space…

100/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
101/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
102/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
103/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
104/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
105/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
106/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED        
107/8   IANA                                                                           UNALLOCATED 

This should be plenty to keep us going past 2011, there are other unallocated blocks but even this little lot has a theoretical capacity of over 133 million IP addresses.

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