MP’s expenses scandal and Esther Rantzen

This MP’s expenses scandal just seems to be dragging on and on and on. I think it’s pretty obvious that the general public are appalled at some of the things that are coming to light, and all the main political parties are embroiled in it. I watched the news today and the speaker of the house, Michael Martin, was pathetic – he should go straight away.

The thing that bothers me is that nothing really seems to be being done about it. As many people have pointed out, if a member of the public committed a fraud, they would be prosecuted for it, yet there are clear cases of fraud being committed by MP’s but nothing is being done.

The whole system is rotten and I for one applaud Esther Rantzen’s stand – she is preparing to stand as an independent candidate in order to try and get an MP unseated for claiming £000’s expenses to fix dry rot on a house in Southampton. Remember, the expenses are supposed to help MP’s maintain a home within a commutable distance of parliament – I would hardly think that a house in Southampton is within commuting distance, it’s got to be the best part of 2 hours by train.

The problem with Esther Rantzen is that she’s just a single person. What she should really do is form her own political party and get others to join her so that more of these dishonest MP’s get de-throned. I think she would get loads of support, she has a very respectable reputation and I would certainly follow her lead.

Just standing as an independent will not really achieve anything, just as Martin Bell stood as an independent against the ghastly Neil Hamilton and got him kicked out, I don’t think Martin Bell really achieved anything other than ousting a rotten MP.

So I would say to Esther to get more people behind her and field a large number of candidates. For once, the power really would be with the people!

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