It definitely takes longer to recover the older you get!

I’ve been out quite a bit in April, partly due to my 40th and partly because with the baby due I’m not going to get a chance to socialise so much, but I have noticed that it does take longer to recover nowadays. I had a night out in Portsmouth last weekend with some old mates, went karting then got hammered, and all day Sunday I was no use to anyone, and when I got to work on Monday I was still feeling rough and my boss reckoned I looked like a ghost, I was that pale! I didn’t really feel back to normal until Wednesday (I had to go to a meeting in Paris via Eurostar and am always impressed, I came back on Thursday and it only took 2hrs 15mins – amazing!). When I was younger I would be right as rain on the Monday morning – that doesn’t seem possible any more, I always feel rough if I’ve been out on a Saturday night! šŸ™‚

Yesterday was spent at Reading Beer Festival and even as I write this on Saturday evening I am still feeling pretty rough, however I’ve just opened a Stella in the hope that a little bit of alcohol might make me feel better!

That’s pretty much it for now, don’t have any more sessions planned for May as I am on call for when Lenny goes into labour. We went to Mothercare today to look at car seats and push chairs, my God, it’s bewildering! šŸ™‚

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