Car price shock

There’s been a few articles in the press and programmes on TV of late saying just how the prices of used cars have collapsed recently, well I’m experiencing this myself! I’ve found a 2008 350Z just like mine up for sale on Autotrader for 22K, but speaking to my local Audi dealer last week they couldn’t find any dealers that would be prepared to take it in part-exchange. One dealer up in Manchester said they would only buy it if they had to but were only prepared to offer 13K! The Glasses Guide trade price is 18K. This is for a car that isn’t even 1 year old yet and cost 31K new.

So if I do decide to try and sell it privately I think I could be in for a struggle. I may be better off hanging on to it and buying myself a cheap old runabout that I can use to ferry the kid about in, at least then it won’t matter if they throw up in it!

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