Removing the hidden service/EISA partition on Thinkpad laptops

I’ve just been upgrading my Thinkpad T60p to Vista 64-bit. I basically backed it up with Acronis, wiped it and put Vista on it. But the problem is that even though I went into the BIOS and disabled the "pre-desktop" area, during installation, Vista’s disk partitioning utility still couldn’t see that bit of space. It amounts to about 4.6GB, which is enough space for 1 or 2 VM’s (I use VMware a lot!). All it does is hold the ThinkPad diagnostics and the XP install media, which I don’t need any more now I’m on Vista.

In the end I loaded on Vista and then researched the problem after I got everything up and running. Once installed, Vista’s disk management tool could now see the partition (listing it as an EISA partition) but wouldn’t let me do anything with it (i.e. I couldn’t delete it). Then I found a post on here: which solved my problem. In that post the bloke basically reformatted and installed Vista on top, but I already had it installed so I deleted the hidden partition then used the disk management tool in Vista to extend my existing partition. I guess you just have to make sure you delete the correct partition when you do this so be careful! Here’s the commands I used:

From a command prompt, type DISKPART – a new window should open.

DISKPART> list partition

  Partition ###  Type              Size     Offset
  ————-  —————-  ——-  ——-
  Partition 1    Primary             89 GB  1024 KB
  Partition 2    OEM               4622 MB    89 GB

DISKPART> select partition=2

Partition 2 is now the selected partition.

DISKPART> delete partition override

DiskPart successfully deleted the selected partition.

DiskPart> exit

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