Nerd Heaven!

Well that was a cool Christmas!

image I got a D-Link DNS-323 from Santa, which to the uninitiated is a 2 drive RAID0/1 NAS box. Basically it sits on your network and enables you to store all your photo’s and music files in one place, and as it supports RAID1, it also enables the data to be mirrored across two hard disks, giving you redundancy from dreaded hard disk failure.

As I have 4 PC’s in my house now (my main PC, Lenny’s PC, the media centre PC downstairs and my work laptop + there’s more if you count my lab boxes and Lenny’s work laptop) they have all ended up with photo’s and music scattered all over the place, so this will give me a central place to store everything. I have purchased two 750GB HDD’s today which should turn up tomorrow, so I can start configuring it and copying everything over.

It also appears that this little gadget is actually running Linux and can support a BitTorrent client via it’s web interface, so I am looking forward to having a central place where I can run BitTorrent, also without having to leave a PC switched on all the time, and once again a central place where everything is stored. It also apparently supports automatic power down when not in use, so the drives won’t be constantly spinning, but will only spin up when required.

There’s even a bunch of geeks who have been hacking it to pieces and have a web site here: – all in all, I’m looking forward to having a good play with it.

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