I like traffic lights (not)

Someone on  Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council must have a major shareholding in a traffic light manufacturer! That would be the only explanation for the proliferation of traffic light installations that seem to be constantly popping up all over Basingstoke.

I travel to/from work every day via the Aldermaston Road roundabout at the bottom of the A340 where it joins the ring road and during the roadworks there I have noticed the familiar poles going up at every intersection.

So they are going to ruin yet another of Basingstoke’s famous roundabouts by putting bloody traffic lights on it! Baring teeth Why? It works okay at the moment, there are a few delays approaching Basingstoke during the morning rush hour, that is to be expected, but it’s a bit overkill to put traffic lights on that roundabout. Now traffic coming down the A340 past the hospital is going to get stuck waiting at the traffic lights on the roundabout, so the traffic will back up all the way to the hospital, which has another set of lights, and then all the way up the A340 past Sherborne St. John. It’s going to be a frigging nightmare getting to work when they switch them on.

I just don’t understand why they have to keep putting traffic lights on roundabouts, especially when there isn’t really a problem. Roundabouts work perfectly well without them (in most cases).

Grumble, mumble, moan. Sad

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