Tank fest!

It was my Dad’s 68th birthday on Friday, so my brother and I treated (?!) him to a day out at Bovington Tank Museum. Funnily enough, my wife didn’t want to join us, no idea why. I think she’d rather have her toe-nails pulled out with a pair of rusty pliers. Oh well.

Despite the fact that it sounds mind-nummingly boring, it was actually quite interesting as they had shed loads (literally) of tanks there, dating from the early "Mk1" WW1 tanks right through to the modern day beasts that are used today. I hadn’t realised that there were so many different varieties, but there you go.

Anyway, it was nice to spend some time with the old man and my bruv, and we found a pub in Wool afterwards where we had a chat over a pint before heading home. I took a bunch of pics so have uploaded them into a separate album.

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