Hamilton the man!

Final post tonight.
The Brazillian Grand Prix on Sunday was fantastic entertainment. It starts raining with only a few laps to go, most of the leaders come in for wet tyres, but back on the track Vettel start creeping up on Hamilton, oooh, I couldn’t look, then Hamilton went wide and Vettel got through, relegating Hamilton to 6th place meaning he wouldn’t win the championship. Nooooooooooooo!
I’m screaming at the TV willing Hamilton to get back in front of Vettel but then what happens, 4th place Glock, who is still on dry tyres, suddenly seems to slow down and both Vettel and Hamilton roar past him on the last corner, Hamilton regaining the 5th place that he so desperately needs (it later transpires that Glock simply ran out of grip due to the rain). Meanwhile Massa gets the chequered flag to win the race and the Ferrari pit crew go mad! But then they realise Hamilton has crossed the line in 5th place and their excitement turns to abject disappointment! HAHAHAHAHA! Brilliant! The looks on their faces was priceless!
What a fantastic end to the season, absolutely nail-biting right up to the last corner. And the disappointment on poor Massa’s face, he looked like he was going to cry. But what a great sportsman, the way he paid tribute to Hamilton and handled himself with such dignity. Say what you like about Ferrari, they always seem to get the better of McClaren when it comes to stewards decisions, but Massa is a true sportsman.
Now I can’t wait for next year, they’re bringing slicks back. That should be interesting.

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