Cricket and cricket

Now do I post this under "Sport" or "Computers and Internet". Ah whatever.

So England got hammered by the Stanford Superstars. Oh deary deary me! This whole thing is just shameful anyway. They started playing in Antigua just as we were leaving for the airport on our way home from Barbados, so I didn’t get all the news until late Sunday. I can see what he’s trying to do, he’s trying to promote cricket out in the West Indies and get the kids interested, but offering $20m to the winners just feels to me like it’s cheapening the whole game. And then there’s all the PR shenanigans with Stanford letching over the players wives and girlfriends. Shameful.

As for the other cricket reference in the subject title, today I met the DNS guru Cricket Liu at our n3k/Infoblox seminar in London. I had to do a 30 minute speech and it went down very well I think, with some big companies very interested in some of my development proposals. The main interest was an "intelligent DNS" solution that removes or disables records from a round-robin group when the service on a particular node is no longer reachable, kind of like traditional round-robin but with some intelligence built in. This seems to be something that a lot of people need (because currently if a node or service fails, DNS still gives the IP address out as part of the round-robin algorithm and the application trying to access that service then fails).

So now I need to get our development team up to speed on the requirements and produce something that we can flog to customers! 🙂

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