Investing for the future

Well my ISA has taken a hammering this past month, some of the funds I am invested in have fallen 60% (think JPM Natural Resources). Ah well, it’s probably not worth getting out of them now so I’ll just leave them and keep drip feeding in every now and then to pick up units on the cheap.

In the meantime, I picked up some more RBS shares on Friday at 68p each, so with the first lot I bought earlier in the month I’m averaging about 82p a share cost price now. They just broke even today, you can see on the chart below.

RBS have been bailed out by the UK government and one of the promises they had to make was not to pay any dividends, but I believe this a good long term investment. My mate Charlie, who has now emigrated, used to work for RBS and reckoned they were a steal at that price.

Hopefully once they have paid the government back and got themselves back on track we’ll see a rise in the share price. I think it’ll be worth tucking these away for a year or two and then seeing where they are.


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