Central Serous Retinopathy

I had an appointment at the eye clinic at my local hospital today, and further to all my warnings about blue LED’s and such like, it appears I am suffering from a condition known as Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR).
Finally I am glad I know what it is, and a quick google turned up loads of people talking about blobs in their vision, lack of focus and distortion – this is exactly what I have in my left eye. It doesn’t seem to be related to blue LED’s although I still have to do some more research. But the wikipedia page makes it clear that in the majority of cases, it is stress related.
At the time when this occured, I was feeling quite stressed, I was suffering from chronic fatigue and my blepharitis had come back. But that’s all gone away now, but I probably first noticed the CSR around the same time this was happening (about 1 month ago now), so it probably was all related.
So, no idea if it will get any better, I’m trying to get booked into see a specialist at my local private clinic but have to get another referral letter from my GP.
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