Another manic weekend comes and goes

I’m sure I will look back on these blog entries in years to come and they will help me remember what I got up to on specific dates.

This weekend just gone has got to have been one of the most manic I’ve ever had. It started on Thursday night with helping Lenny’s Mum getting ready for her move on Friday. Of course Lenny’s Mum, Sister and Brother were completely disorganised and Lenny ended up staying there until 5am just packing and cleaning.

Friday morning was panic stations as Gerry had the keys to the lock-up and Paul had buggered off to work with the van. So we had to wait for Paul to get back, then go and find Gerry to get the keys so that we could unload the van with all her stuff in it at the lock-up. Then head back to pick up the next load which was going to go with Gerry to her bedsit, but then I get a call to pick up some takeaway cups of tea on the way back (because they’ve packed the kettle), which means a trip via MacDonalds, so we don’t get back until 11.30 by which time the other guy has turned up with his van and a bunch of mates wanting to move in!

So the tea didn’t get drunk as we had to rush to get the remainder of Gerry’s stuff into the van so we could take it and her to her bedsit. Then the removals men that we’d hired to move her Mum were hanging around at the new place waiting for us to get there. Jeez it was stressful and I was in a foul mood all morning.

Anyway this probably doesn’t make any sense and you’re probably not interested so I’m just writing this for my own therapy now! You can stop reading! 🙂

Friday night I met up with Charlie and got hammered in Reading. He’s emigrating in a few weeks time to the US so I’m trying to spend a few evenings going out with him as I’m not sure when I’ll see him again. He’s been a good mate over the years and I’ll miss him when he’s gone.

So that was a good session, we started in the Hobgoblin, then moved onto Zero Degrees, then Sakura and went upstairs to the club, where I felt VERY old! It was a young crowd but we went on the dancefloor and did our "Dad-dancing" impressions! 🙂 After about an hour, we left there and went to the After Dark and propped up the bar at the back. I was on Stella at this point and Charlie was knocking back JD & coke’s – he was really hammered so I put him onto water towards the end. We left about 2am and headed across the road to a kebab shop where I had one of the best kebabs – but they always taste nicer when you’re pissed don’t they? 🙂

After scoffing that down, Charlie had this mad idea about going to the casino, so we staggered in there and I duly signed up. I didn’t place any bets though as I knew I was too pissed, and the roulette table was £1 per chip, so that would have meant betting around £20 each time to get a decent spread – that was too much for me and I knew I was too far gone to play blackjack, so we just staggered back out and went our separate ways. I finally got home around 4am and woke up the next morning fully clothed and spread out on the sofa in the conservatory – whoops! 😉

Saturday afternoon I headed down to Portsmouth with Chris and Carmen to meet up with Graham. The plan was to watch the England vs Andorra game then head to Gunwharf for some beers and that’s pretty much how it worked out. The 1st half was pretty bad as usual, England seemed to be making a right meal of it, but then Joe Cole came on in the second half and put two away. I think the problem is that Cappello is hampered by the lack of decent English players in the premiership clubs – they employ so many foreign players now it’s getting harder and harder to construct a decent side of English players.

Poor Steve was being hampered by support calls for most of the evening and they didn’t stop when we got back to Graham’s so he was busy working on his laptop while we made a big dent in Graham’s Vodka bottle!

Sunday I woke up in a state of confusion not knowing where I was (I was sleeping in Graham’s front room on an air bed). I was due to meet up with Lenny’s mate’s boyfriend, Rob, in Slough at an radio controlled car racing event. I used to race RC cars when I was a kid so was quite keen to go along.

However, Carmen wasn’t feeling too well and then we got distracted by the Grand Prix (what a cracking final few laps – can’t believe they penalised Hamilton though). So I finally got to the RC racing at RemoteWorld in Slough at about 4pm, just in time to see the last two races. It brought back a lot of memories and made me think about starting it up again – maybe one for the future! The cars were pretty nippy and they almost seemed to have a mind of their own, buzzing around like bugs!

DSC00035 DSC00036


I got home around 6.30pm which finally brought the weekend to a close! Phew!

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