Blue LEDs and macular degeneration

Oh man, this is more serious than I thought. I’ve just been reading the paper and have been struggling a little. If I close my left eye I can read fine with my right eye, but if I close my right eye and try and read with my left eye I’m finding the text a bit blurry in the centre. The peripheral vision appears to be okay it’s just a dot right in the centre.
If I concentrate I can bring the text into focus, but I am wondering if my brain is using the peripheral cells to construct the image, or whether my lens is refocussing to compensate for the damage – maybe my brain will get used to it and do this automatically? Either way it does seem I’ve buggered my left eye up a bit.
Damn it, I’ve had perfect eye sight for years and now this happens, I am really pissed off. Angry
These blue LEDs should be banned if they are so dangerous.
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