Keeping an eye on my pension

It’s been 3 months now since I transferred my pension from Barclays Life to Scottish Equitable. One thing I really like is that I can log into the SE web site and get an instant valuation – something I could never do with Barclays. So as the stock market has been a bit volatile over the past few months I’ve started plotting it’s monthly performance.

When I transferred it, I managed to pick the absolute peak of the market, so it’s only gone one way since, and that’s down, but looking at the figures I’m only down around 10 grand, which I don’t think is too bad considering. Of course with my monthly payments going in and the price going down, I am getting more bangs per buck, so hopefully I’ll benefit from any up-swing. I’m not retiring for a good few years yet so hopefully there will be an upswing at some point, hopefully when the credit crunch has passed. I haven’t compared whether my old Barclays pension has dropped by a similar, greater or lesser amount, I could probably check the graphs on iii, but I know SE produce better returns over the long term so there’s not much point comparing the two now I’ve transferred.

So here’s the graph so far, you can see the riskier funds have taken a bit of a hit, such as Emerging Markets and Natural Resources, but some of the more defensive funds have been quite resilient, in fact UK Fixed Interest actually registered a gain. I may try and use the graph to help me plot when to switch out of certain funds, maybe using a kind of "stop loss" mechanism. Certainly I’ll be able to spot funds that aren’t performing very well and review them.


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