Glutton for punishment

DSC_3427Well here we go again! I’ve bought a diddy new PC for Lenny as the old steam driven thing she was using was getting a bit unreliable and it took up too much room under the desk. So I bought this Acer Veriton L410 off ebay for £150 – can you believe it? I mean how does anyone make any money these days? This thing has an AMD dual core Athlon, 1GB RAM, 160GB SATA HDD and comes with Vista Home Premium and it’s just about the sexiest piece of kit I have ever come across. It’s tiny and very well built. I can’t believe how cheap it was.
Now I mentioned Vista in that last paragraph without skipping a beat – I previously used Vista on my main PC and had so many issues with it I eventually downgraded back to XP. At least this time around I’ve noticed the photo upload tool in Windows Live works now, and HP now have a fix for the printer so the printer’s memory card reader should work (although I’ve not tried it yet). So that’s a couple of things fixed. As this PC won’t be used for games I’m not bothered about 3D surround sound (although the PC does come with a 3D card).
I can’t remember what other problems I had – I remember my blutooth dongle didn’t work on Vista, I’m sure I’ll find a few other little niggles, but let’s give it a go and see how we get on.
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