Visiting Karl in hospital

I popped into London today to see my old buddy Karl who is currently in St. Barts hospital having chemotherapy to treat his cancer. I feel really gutted for the guy because this is the second time he’s had treatment for cancer, and then he tells me his wife’s breast cancer has come back (after previously being treated for it 12 years ago). They’ve both been incredibly unlucky.

I’m not sure what his chances of survival are, he’s got a big tumour eating into one of his lungs so if they can get the cocktail of drugs right and kill it, he will have an operation to remove it along with one of his lungs. Hopefully he’ll be okay after that.

So here’s my message to you Karl…

Keep fighting it Karl, don’t ever give up, you’ve got a beautiful wife and two gorgeous daughters to fight for. Don’t let it get you! I’ll try and pop in and see you whenever I can. Good luck mate and see you soon!


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