My friends are falling apart!

I had an email from a friend today who is in St. Barts hospital and is having treatment for testicular cancer. Not quite sure how he was able to email me but he was saying he’s going to be in there for a while.
I think they are zapping him with chemotherapy and he will have zero immune system for a few weeks. I’m hoping to go up and see him on Sunday but I remember him telling me when he went in that he would be on an isolation ward so he didn’t catch any infections. I wonder if they’ll put me in a gown and facemask!
The thing that’s quite sobering is that he’s only a month older than me. I hope he’ll be okay. His wife had breast cancer a few years back too so their family’s been hit quite hard with the big C.
I also have another mate who is the same age as me who is having health problems too. He suffered a slipped disc in his back while pushing a washing machine and is on morphine every day to numb the pain. In the meantime he’s been sacked from his job at the MOD and is suing the Government for unfair dismissal.
And over the past couple of days I learn that one of my colleagues at work (who is the same age as me) is off sick suffering from back problems and periodically can’t feel his hands or legs due to nerve damage.
So that’s three friends of mine, all around my age, suffering from serious health problems. Scary! Sad
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