Nine meals from anarchy

Wow, there was a really interesting article in the Daily Mail at the weekend:–Britain-facing-real-food-crisis.html

It was basically summarising what would happen to our food supplies if we ran out of petrol. Coupled with rising demand from other countries, there is also the prospect of there simply not being enough food to go around. This all sounds very similar to a blog post I made a year ago which predicted the same thing:!665BC38F152E1206!417.entry. Now that the mainstream media have also cottoned onto this, I think there is a slow realisation that we could be in real trouble in the not too distant future. I wonder how long we’ve got? My father has started planting crops in his allotment, maybe I should start doing the same?

One of the biggest problems is our over-reliance on supermarkets. As we pretty much rely on them to keep our larders stocked with food, any breakdown in their distribution network will be catastrophic. We should really encourage our supermarkets to source the majority of their goods locally rather than importing food from abroard and then transporting it half-way around the country.

I believe we are right at the start of a major food-crisis. It may not happen for a couple of years, and even then it will only happen gradually, but as demand from China rises and the cost of oil and it’s derivatives increases, we will experience more and more economic stress. We should use these precious few years to get ready.

If you think the cost of living is high now, wait a couple of years. Then the Tories will win the next election and find that Great Britain is bankrupt. Only this time there will be no state industries to privatise because we sold the family silver the last time they got in. It tooks years for Thatcher to get this country back on it’s feet and now Cameron and Co will have to do the same again, except it will be a LOT harder.

Mark my words, in 2 years time this country will be in DEEP SHIT!

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