Sleepless in Sheffield (Seattle it ain’t!)

This is one of the more depressing parts of my job – this afternoon I travelled up to Sheffield and am here until Tuesday helping one of the UK’s biggest banks perform an IT infrastructure upgrade over the weekend. It’s a big upgrade and if it goes wrong it could affect all the ATM’s, the branches, the central computer systems, basically everything! What we are doing tomorrow could take the whole bank out!
But that’s not the depressing part, that’s actually quite exciting – the depressing bit is having to stop in a hotel in a city where I don’t know anyone. It’s a Friday night and there are loads of people about and I’d love to go out, but I’m "Billy-no-mates" tonight and I just couldn’t go to a bar or a club on my own. Normally I would go to a restaurant on my own with a book and have something to eat, and that works fine during the early part of the week, but not on a Friday night! All the restaurants will be packed with couples and groups of friends and I would just feel too awkward. I didn’t fancy the hotel restaurant, so it was a MacDonald’s tonight. Sad
There should be some kind of social club for lonely business travellers, it would make the evenings more interesting. As it is I’ll probably just watch some telly or surf the net for a bit, but it just feels like a complete waste of an evening. It’s even worse when I go abroad as the TV is invariably in a foreign language – this business travelling lark may sound exciting when you are whizzing around the globe but it ain’t that glamourous really!
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