The Apprentice (Atishu!)

I thought "The Apprentice" last night was cracking! This was the one where the the two teams had to come up with a brand name for a box of tissues, come up with a design and then produce a TV advert and press material for a launch. All the way through it I was thinking the team that came up with the "Atishu" concept were bonkers, they had this garish yellow box with pictures of a young girl blowing her nose on it and it looked awful. Then the guy stood up and did his presentation and I was cringing it was so bad. And the ad, oh my God I was on the edge of my seat howling, it was so bad! I really thought the other team had won it, but looking back, Claire (I think) spotted that their ad for "I love my tissues" didn’t actually have the product in it and she was the only one who seemed to express any doubt about the ad that the boys in her team had come up with.
But the thing was that the awful yellow box and crummy ad actually won, even though it was so excrutiatingly bad but it had the product in it all the way through and at the end and basically did what adverts are supposed to do, get the product noticed! Whereas the guys in the other team went off on this big cinematic directorial quest and completely missed the point of the whole thing.
Brilliant! Gotta be the best thing on TV at the moment, along with Heroes! Open-mouthed
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