Car cleaning products

It’s been a long time since I last had a black car – early 90’s in fact when I had my black Golf GLi Convertible with wide wheels and body kit. Wink

I’d forgotton just how hard they are to keep clean as water drops leave white stains if you don’t wipe them off quick enough. I made the mistake of cleaning the 350Z with hard water on Sunday so there are stains all over it now. I forgot I do actually have a soft water tap so will try that next time. Then I found all my chammy leathers were caked in polish from doing the GTO, so they left smears everywhere.

So I popped into Halfrauds at lunch time and stocked up on a load of cleaning products, some Meguiars paint cleaner, polish and wax, along with some micro-fibre towels and a sheep’s wool cleaning mitten. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep something approaching a showroom finish on her, but it’s going to involve quite a bit of work. I may end up buying an electric polisher gizmo too, we’ll see how I get on. Weekends are going to be busy what with washing the car and mowing the bloody lawn – I hadn’t done that since we got back from Oz and it was knee high. Now it’s short, but brown and looking dead as I’ve been too aggressive with the mower again. Sigh, something else to sort out. Eye-rolling

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