Picked up my 350Z yesterday

I picked up my brand new 2008 350Z Roadster yesterday. I was so excited! Tongue out
I’ve been going through all the manuals and bits and pieces but not had a chance to get the roof down yet, the weather’s been a bit crap.
My only disappointment is that there’s no handsfree phone kit. The dealer had led me to believe it came with the bluetooth phone kit, and their 313 demonstrator (a coupe) had one which he demonstrated.

So I’m a bit disappointed to find that mine doesn’t have bluetooth. There’s no cradle in the centre console arm rest, no voice/phone button on the steering wheel, and the satnav doesn’t have the phone option in settings either.

I spoke to the dealer this morning and he thinks Nissan have changed the spec on the roadster so it’s not included but he can’t check until Monday.

My 10 year old BMW I traded in had an ancient phone system, but I used it all the time. I’ll be using the Z for business trips so it’s crucial I have a hands free capability.

The dealer has said he’ll provide a decent bluetooth headset for me if this is an issue, and I guess I’ll get better call quality when the roof is down (I won’t be able to hear them otherwise!). The trouble with headsets is you always have to keep charging them up, although I guess I could get a charger that plugs into the lighter socket.

But, I dunno, I’ve just spent all that money so I kind of expected it to have a handsfree kit built in. We’ll see what he has to say on Monday when he’s checked with Nissan UK.
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