Just sold BP, what about HBOS?

I couldn’t resist the spike in BP’s share price this morning and sold my holdings. I paid £2000 for them last year and made £150 from the sale, which is a return of around 7.5%. Not a great amount but their shares have been up and down like a whore’s drawers and I reckon they’ll drop quite a bit tomorrow as the excitement over their Q1 profits (announced this morning) subsides.
Now I’m in a bit of a quandary with HBOS. Again I’ve got about 2K invested, but they’ve dropped by 50% since the sub-prime crisis, and now they have also announced a rights issue just like RBS. I’m not going to sell because I don’t want to lose a grand, but the question is whether I should take up the rights or not.
It seems they are offering 2 discounted shares at 275p for every 5 I own, so that should work out costing about £203 by my reckoning. That’s a discount of about 45% per share. Of course it all depends how much the share price falls once the additional shares hit the market. As it’s only 200 quid, I’ll probably go for it. I’ll just have to shut them all in the drawer and come back to them in a year or two’s time, hopefully when they have got over and through the sub-prime crisis and are making money again.
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