Another GTOUK AGM has come and gone

Well, blimey, is all I can say. It really doesn’t seem like a year has passed since we were all at the Holiday Inn in Luton for last year’s GTOUK AGM. This year’s was held on Saturday at Simon Baker’s work offices in Green Park, followed by a good old knees-up on the Caversham Princess on the River Thames. As we were on a boat, the fancy dress theme was "Pirates" and hopefully I didn’t disappoint with my Argos-sourced pirate costume (it was a bit tight around the tummy though – "who ate all the pies?" indeed!).
Here’s me and Stevie suddenly spotting a camera being pointed at us…
I spent most of yesterday recovering and swore to do absolutely "nothing"! So I sat in front of the telly all day and caught up with all the rubbish I’d video’ed while we were away, mainly episodes of "Lost", which is just getting more and more confusing. One minute "Jin" is seen visiting a hospital to give a panda to some geezer we can only think must be his boss or a very important customer, then the next minute we see "Sun" visiting his grave – is he dead or not? And why has "Jim from Neighbours" staged the plane crash? Why does he want to kill everyone and what’s so damned important about the Island? And who cares anymore? To be honest I’m getting fed up with it as it’s just getting weirder and weirdererer. Confused
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